Social life needs a plan.

Whether hosting that special someone for a romantic dinner or having 50 of your closest friends over for an open house, Chandon will help make it an occasion to remember. We've compiled dozens of creative hosting ideas, and-with a few quick clicks of your mouse-you'll be prepared to ensure your discriminating good taste shines at every soirée.

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Sometimes the best date night is the one that happens in your own dining room. Prep the food, set the mood and simply enjoy one another’s company.

Friends & Family

Sunday brunch, creative cocktail party, sit-down dinner…no matter the event, you just can’t beat spending time with family and friends-who-are-like-family.


Whether grilling fresh seafood on the back patio in the summer or savoring sparkling cocktails with your roasted winter vegetables, every season has its own unique rhythm. Plan accordingly.

Special Events

For life’s major milestones, nothing less than the best will suffice. So set out your most elegant stemware and pour the good stuff. You’ve earned it.

Theme Party

There’s practically no limit to the number of possible creative party motifs, but only one hard-and-fast rule—life needs bubbles, and so does any self-respecting theme party.

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