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These experts are the creative forces behind Chandon.  Here they share stories and secrets of winemaking, cooking and entertaining. When you visit Chandon, you might just get a chance to chat with them in person over a glass of wine.

Kristen Brott

Chandon Brand Ambassador

A bit of breakfast, a bit of lunch and a lot of fun

As the calendar marches on through, well, March, and eventually into April, the weather turns fairer, Easter arrives, and Mother’s Day isn’t far behind. One of Chandon’s favorite parts of this transition? Brunch season!

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Tom Tiburzi

Winemaker, Sparkling Wine

Reserve Club Cuvée: a Wine as Distinctive as our Club Members

When we created our Crémant, Sparkling Winemaker Tom Tiburzi was inspired by our Club members’ passion for great wines. And with the new release, he’s decided to go a step further: “Chandon Crémant was the first wine made especially for the Club, so to honor our Club members, this unique wine will now be named for them.”

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Joel Burt

Assistant Winemaker, Still Wines

Living the Still Life

Chandon is known the world over for our renowned sparkling wines, but we also produce some of the finest still wines you can imagine. We recently sat down with Joel Burt, Assistant Winemaker, Still Wines, to learn more about what it takes to craft award-winning Napa Valley Pinots and Chardonnays.

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Ellen Flora

Senior Wine Ambassador

What Makes Vintage Sparkling Wine So Special

If you know sparkling wine, you know much of the artistry lies in the blend. Typically, when crafting bubbly, you’re constantly mixing from different blocks, vineyards and vintages, which allows you to produce a consistent wine, year after year. However, certain years are unique. With some vintages, on some plots of land, the wine fates are kind, enabling a sparkling winemaker to capture a remarkable harvest as a worthy vintage.

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Raymond Reyes

Director of Winegrowing

Summer Vineyard Action

A Different Kind of “Block Party”: Summer in the Vineyard

As the weather heats up, so does activity in the vineyard. Block by block, Raymond Reyes keeps a close watch as the grapes begin to change color, mature and develop into ripe clusters. Each vineyard has its own timeline, and each block within the vineyard expresses a unique maturation rate.

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