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Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung! So fill your home and garden to overflowing with tender buds and pouty petals--and fill your glass to the brim with Chandon. Our beautiful, bright bubbly wines are like springtime itself: fresh, fun, and packed with promise. And to help make this bunny-hopping season even happier, we’re planting some great entertaining ideas that will add flower power to every occasion and make all your seasonal celebrations spring to life.

Whatever you’re planning, start by uncorking a bottle or two of Chandon wine. (Okay, make it three or four…it’s spring!) Before you know it everything around you will be buzzing, bubbling, and blooming with joy.


Here Comes the Bridal Shower
If it’s spring, it’s raining weddings. So shower the bride-to-be with fistfuls of flowers. Festoon a white umbrella with colorful silk or plastic blooms attached to satin ribbon (sew the flowers on by hand, or use a glue gun). Line your table, mantle, and window sills with little bud vases filled with delicate cut flowers, and give one to each guest as a party favor. And grace your favorite Chandon vintage with wild hibiscus preserved in syrup: just put a single gorgeous, edible flower in the bottom of a wine flute (use chopsticks to place it perfectly), add a few drops of syrup, and top with a lovely pour of bubbles. Then sit back and watch the petals–and the bride–bloom before your eyes.


Twinkle, Twinkle, Baby Sprinkle
Baby Number One gets the full-on Baby Shower. But for Baby Two or Three (and counting) it’s the Baby “Sprinkle,” a light shower for mother and children alike. Make your Sprinkle sparkle with Chandon sparkling wine (and bubbly apple cider for any young guests). Then make your menu, decorations, gifts, and entertainment as practical as they are beautiful. Plant a “garden” of crudités in clean clay flowerpots, and garnish with edible flowers. Set up a bubble-blowing corner to entertain the little kids and a marigold-planting station for the older ones. Remember: adding flowers—and bubbles—to any Baby Sprinkle is all you need to keep grown-up babies from a lifetime of whining about who Mom always loved best.


Spring into Holidays
Spring is a time of renewal, fertility, and rebirth—let’s raise a glass! And because bubbly’s as good with Pascal lamb as it is with spicy dumplings, Chandon is on springtime tables of every kind, from Easter dinners to Passover seders to Chinese new year feasts to countless other festive meals. And here’s the really fun part: Chandon’s not just for drinking. More and more fans are re-filling empty trophy bottles with fresh-cut flowers to create both beautiful tablescapes and meaningful remembrances of happy occasions gone by. As any flower lover will tell you, that’s like putting annual blooms inside perennial favorites.