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How Much Wine To Buy

Party hosts agree: it's better to have too much wine than not enough. You can always save the extra bottles, and you'll probably receive a few as gifts. Here are some wine-buying guidelines for different occasions.

Be sure to visit our cocktail recipe section for easy ways to turn sparkling wine into spectacular drinks!

If it's a dinner party... Buy at least one standard-sized 750ml bottle per person. A bottle contains approximately six servings, allowing your guests to enjoy two to three drinks before dinner and two to three drinks with their meal. If you want to serve sparkling wine as a before- or after-dinner drink, buy one bottle for every six guests.


If it's a wine tasting party... Offer smaller servings (approximately one ounce per glass). A smaller serving is more convenient to swirl in the glass to release the full aroma of the wine. It will also allow guests to sample more wines during the course of the party. Overall quantities to buy: 1 bottle per person.


If it's a cocktail party... Plan on two drinks per person for the first hour of the party, and one drink per person for every hour thereafter. Your basic wine bar should feature a mix of reds, whites, rosés and bubbly. But why stop at basic? Offer your guests a Chandon sparkling cocktail made with Chandon Brut Classic, Chandon Blanc de Noirs, Chandon Extra-Dry Riche or Chandon Rosé. Our colorful cocktail recipes are always a hit.