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Chandon's Roaring '20s Party Guide

Speakeasies and jazz clubs. Feather boas and fedoras. The 1920s have been called the golden age of American entertaining, despite the fact that alcohol was strictly prohibited during the whole decade. (Maybe it was the sneaking around part that made it so much fun.)

The Roaring '20s make a terrific New Year's theme. Here's how to work the spirit of the jazz age into your own celebration.

Dressing the part.
1920s fashion was simple and sophisticated. Long straight dresses with dropped waists and daring knee-length hemlines for women. High-waisted pants and pin-striped suits with wide lapels for men. And lots of bling from the jewelry box.

If you insist on having your party guests dress for the occasion, ask them to wear black and white. Just don't expect everyone to follow the rule. For a more casual approach to the '20s theme, give your female guests a long pearl necklace to wear (and a drink to hold) when they arrive at the door. Present the gentlemen with a hat and a fake mustache.


Choosing the menu.
For authentic 1920s cuisine, you can't go wrong with...Italian and Chinese. A little side note for you culinary history buffs. During prohibition, many speakeasies were run by Italian immigrants, who served their best family recipes to hungry patrons. On the dry side of town, a new wave of Chinese restaurants sprang up, introducing Americans to an exotic cuisine that was not traditionally served with wine.

For appetizers at your Roaring '20s party, try these favorites from our chefs at etoile Restaurant:
Toast Points
Truffle Popcorn
New potatoes and caviar


Setting the scene.
The quintessential setup for a Roaring '20s party is the speakeasy, complete with a bouncer at the door, soft mood lighting and bottles of your favorite Chandon wines in straw-filled wooden crates (for that true prohibition look).


Choosing the menu.
The soundtrack to your Roaring '20s party can feature early jazz greats like Al Jolson, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Mix in some songs from modern artists who love the '20s sound, like Harry Connick, Jr., and Tony Bennett. Then add a couple of unexpected numbers, like “Cantina Band” from the soundtrack to Star Wars and “Hanky Panky” from the movie Dick Tracy. You can download these songs as a Club Chandon iMix at the Apple iTunes Store.