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Bring some Old Hollywood flair to your New Year’s Eve

Can’t make it to Napa Valley for the gala event? Nothing says you can’t bring a little classic movie star elegance to your in-home New Year’s Eve soirée. By following a few simple steps, inspired by our Chandon party planners, your guests will feel transported to a more glamorous era the moment they walk in your door.

Coming attractions: As with any themed event, the invitations (whether online or old-fashioned) make the first impression. Go with muted colors and film noir images, and language that evokes the courteous affect of yesteryear (“The pleasure of your company is requested…”).

Set decorations: With a few simple, and surprisingly affordable, décor purchases, you can transform your living room into an old Hollywood movie set. Add pizzazz to your table settings by sprinkling gold and silver star confetti around; fill the corners with helium-filled balloons in black, silver and gold; and pick up a few classic movie posters from your local craft store.

Stop by the wardrobe trailer: One simple line on your invitations—“Old Hollywood attire suggested”—opens up a world of sartorial options for your guests. Need inspiration? Visit IMDB.com and start searching names like “James Dean,” “Marilyn Monroe,” “Cary Grant,” and “Katherine Hepburn.”

Craft services table: The wine, naturally, should be Chandon. There’s just something about bubbly in flutes that captures that timeless Hollywood elegance. The magnum of Blanc de Noirs included with Wine Club members’ December shipment would do nicely, or, if you’d really like to impress your guests, pop open an otherworldly bottle of etoile Tête de Cuvée. For food, you cannot go wrong with simple, fresh, palate-pleasing bites from The Domaine Chandon Cookbook, and consider adding a little tongue-in-cheek Hollywood touch by placing waxed paper tubs of popcorn around the entertaining space.

Don’t be quiet on the set: The right music makes the party, and this is especially true of a theme party. Stick with soundtracks from classic films, and pepper your playlist with a little ‘40s and ‘50s era jazz. Or, take the shortcut and download an official Chandon Old Hollywood Gala playlist.

As with any New Year’s Eve party, the most critical ingredient is the company of family and beloved friends-who-are-like-family, as you bid farewell to one year and ring in the next. And remember, nothing says classy vintage Hollywood like ensuring everyone gets home safely. Make sure drivers have been designated and, in a pinch, guest bedroom linens have been laundered. Happy New Year!