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Bring Date Night Home

Remember the first time you invited your sweetheart home for dinner? It was pure magic. Recapture the feeling with a romantic date in your own love nest. We'll show you how...

Set the mood for love. Think sensory enhancement! Flowers for the eyes. Smooth jazz for the ears. And clusters of votive candles to scent the room. Oh, and don't forget to turn off your cell phone and your BlackBerry. This date deserves your undivided attention...

Dress up your take-out. No time to cook? Stop by your favorite take-out place, or order in. Serve on your very best china with colorful accents like blood-orange slices for Chinese food or whole branches of basil for pizza.

Have a fireside picnic. Nothing warms the soul like a crackling fire. So why not make it the centerpiece of your meal? Spread out some comfortable blankets and pillows and eat Roman-style right by the hearth. Let the fire burn down to the embers and enjoy s'mores and Chandon Rosé for dessert.

Splurge on a good bottle.Don't skimp when it comes to the wine. Not only does a good bottle bring out the flavors of food, but it actually can make the evening last longer. Wines with more flavor and complexity make you slow down to enjoy them. And isn't that the whole point of spending time together?