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The Chandon Pink Parade

Each sip of this subtle cocktail sends a burst of flavors dancing over your taste buds like Mardi Gras floats down Canal Street. Sinfully delicious!

4 oz Chandon Rosé
1 oz unsweetened ruby grapefruit juice
2-inch sprig of fresh rosemary
1 heaping teaspoon of ruby grapefruit marmalade (may substitute orange marmalade)
¾ oz simple syrup (see savvy tip below)


In a mixing glass or cocktail shaker, gently muddle the rosemary and simple syrup until scent is released. Remove rosemary, add grapefruit marmalade and muddle until dissolved. Add grapefruit juice and shake with ice to chill. Strain into glass (over cracked ice if desired) and top with Chandon Rosé.

Optional garnish: Medium coarse ground Szechuan (pink) pepper or a wedge of pink grapefruit.

Suggested glassware: Cocktail glass or tumbler

Makes one cocktail.